The Olive Farm

We take care of the production of extra virgin olive oil and grapes, organic crops, IGP Sicily. We cultivate an olive grove along the Provincial Road 9 of the Madonie in Contrada Pizzillo, exposed to North-East on prosperous and fertile hills that slope gently towards the sea. In addition, an olive grove and a vineyard on the Strada Provinciale 111 which connects Partinico with Alcamo, "The Wine Road" in Contrada Pignicello. The particularly favorable microclimate, determined by the meeting of the sea breeze and the winds coming from the mountains, together with the soil, deep and rich in minerals, allows a harmonious development of the plants with positive repercussions on the quality of the fruits, giving the oil and the grapes excellent organoleptic and sensory characteristics.

The Olive Grove

ORGANIC CULTIVATION, Certified by MiPAAF IT BIO 012, SICILY IGP. The olive groves extend over an area characterized by slight and gentle slopes located at an altitude between 200-230 m above sea level. The Western Sicily is traditionally suited for olive growing, located geographically. The centuries-old olive trees, converted into organic farming since 2012, fall entirely into the “DOP Val di Mazara” area. The cultivars - mainly Nocellara del Belice, Oglialora and Biancolilla - are typical of the geographical area to which they belong. The olives are harvested manually in the first decade of October at the beginning of veraison, since in this phase the oil produced has a very low acidity and is rich in polyphenols. The elegance of the vegetative habitus of the plant that associates vigor and procombente bearing, determined by the pendulous branches, and the compactness of the crown, exalt the ornamental value of the trees of such cultivar so much to be often used to adorn country houses.

The "Donna Alfonsa" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ORGANIC CULTIVATION, Certified by MiPAAF IT BIO 012 SICILY IGP (Protected Geographical Indications). The extra virgin olive oil, cold extracted from freshly harvested drupes at the beginning of veraison from plants of the “Ogliarola Messinese” cultivar, is yellow with green reflections, medium fruity. It has sensory characteristics that recall the artichoke, tomato and almond. On the palate, the nuances of sweet, bitter and spicy range from light to medium intense. Plant productivity remains constant over the years; the oil yield is around 20%. The balanced taste, together with the low acidity, make it an oil particularly suitable for condiments both raw (salads) and cooked (soups, soups).